#EMDinMyCountry event in Greece

Surf Club Keros, the NAUTILUS coordinator, organised an event for children for the celebration of the European Maritime Day 2021.

Children love outdoor water-based activities. Through this event, they have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with non-motorized water sports and become loyal water sports tourists in the future but also sustainable and responsible travellers.
Water sports tourism is a niche tourism market and includes all water-based activities. New jobs, blue careers, and new touristic products and services are emerging.

The added value of this event is the responsible travel lifestyle promoted through the activities. Through information and coastal walks the children understand why they should care about their ‘playground’, the sea, the aquaculture, and the surrounding blue and green environment.

Objectives of this event:

-awareness-raising about the environment and its preservation

 -call to action: Leave no trace behind and protect the aquaculture, our playground

 -attitude change: Disconnect from your mobile devices and enjoy water-based sports activities.